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  • Published: November 23, 2016

Awsaj Academy is a K-12 specialized school that addresses the needs of students with mild to moderate learning challenges that can fit in a classroom with nine other students and one teacher. Awsaj Academy is the only school of its kind in Qatar and one of only a handful of schools dedicated to working with students who have demonstrated aptitude in certain areas while facing academic challenges in others.

The Awsaj plant is a desert fauna that blooms all year despite the challenges of a harsh climate. Like the plant name, Awsaj Academy believes that each student, despite whatever challenges they may face, can rise and blossom in an impressive fashion. Awsaj Academy is a specialized K-12 school that focuses on accelerating learning for students with various challenges. We have grown less than 100 students in 2011 to over 453 students presently. Awsaj moved into a beautiful Qatar Foundation purpose built facility in 2012 across from Qatar Academy Doha. Awsaj is a recognized leader in the region for facilitating change and learning in the area of aiding students with challenges and implementing systems of support for all students. The Awsaj Academy staff are highly trained and specialized in the areas of Special Education, Second Language learning, and alternative learning pathways. Staff, students, and parents have often referred to Awsaj as “family."

Courses and curriculum:
Awsaj Academy offers an American and Qatar High School Diploma with recognized accreditation from Middle States Association and Council of International Schools. Students who graduate from Awsaj demonstrate proficiency in both Arabic and English. We use the Supreme Education Council’s Learning Standards along with the Common Core Standards for our core learning areas. Students receive credits in Arabic, English, Math, Science, PE, Social Studies, Islamic Studies, National Studies, and a variety of electives in order to meet graduation requirements. In addition to coursework, students are required to complete a Capstone Project that includes Service learning hours and internship exploration of a selected career field.

What makes your school unique?
What makes Awsaj Academy unique? As a private Qatar Foundation school, just our admissions process alone makes us unique. While many schools choose to not admit students who may struggle in one or more aspect of their learning, we only accept these students. Once a student is enrolled, they learn about “The Awsaj Way.” Awsaj Academy uses Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to assure that students receive the necessary behavioral and academic interventions to close learning gaps. In Elementary School, this approach is very explicit with Direct Instruction literacy programs to provide a solid research based foundation for learning. As a student progresses through the system into Middle School and High School, we provide appropriate content-based material at the individual student’s learning level to assure full access to the curriculum for each student. We are a model school for the research-based systems of Response to Intervention (RTI) for academics and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS).

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