‘Think Pink’ Campaign Aims to Tackle Breast Cancer

With October being the month for breast cancer awareness, many Qatar Foundation (QF) entities organized ‘Think Pink’ campaigns to raise awareness about breast cancer.
The campaigns aimed to highlight the fact that breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer prevalent in Qatar, which can affect both men and women. If detected early, it can be treated effectively allowing the chance of survival for patients. The campaigns are in line with QF’s mission to address vital health and safety issues that can be of benefit to the greater community.

Aligning itself with this aim, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q), a QF partner university, kicked off its breast cancer awareness campaign in collaboration with the university’s Big Movement club recently. Initiatives ranging from self-exams, workshops, and educational sessions are being organized during the entire month of October at CMU-Q.

Wadha Al Khori, President, Big Movement club at CMU-Q, stressed the importance of raising awareness of this cancer. “Big Movement provides a sense of community, and takes up causes that matter to the larger society,” she said. “We cannot stress enough the importance of raising awareness about this type of cancer, which can be treated if detected and diagnosed early.”

QF school Qatar Academy Doha (QA Doha), as part of their Exercise for Charity, Community and Service, has been engaging in ‘Think Pink’ initiatives for four years. What started as a relatively small activity, known as the Pink Hands, has become bigger and more engaging. QA Doha also hosts the Pink Run, Pink Day, Pink Petals and Pink Photo.

At a recent Pink Day and Pink Hands event, students participated in the campaign wearing pink clothes and left pink handprints as a gesture of their attendance in these awareness programs.

“These events are organized entirely by students with the hope that the messages are spread into the wider community,” Jeanne-Mari Neefs, ‘Think Pink’ Campaign Coordinator, QA Doha, told QF Telegraph. “We are also trying to create awareness that even men can get breast cancer.”

To further amplify the message of awareness, Sidra Medical and Research Center, a member of QF, hosted a workshop for its staff in the first week of October, in partnership with Qatar Cancer Society (QCS). It was a way of educating Sidra’s staff about the need to get screened regularly, including the importance of mammograms, and treatment options available in Qatar.
Sidra also held a series of information sessions and workshops on 15 October 2015 at the College of Art and Science in Qatar University, in partnership with QCS. Health professionals from Sidra and QCS helped address questions related to causes and identification of breast cancer; showcased self-examination techniques using models and manikins; and highlighted screening facilities and treatment options available in the country. A female clinician was available to answer questions with the additional support of Sidra’s Qatari healthcare promoters.

In collaboration with Georgetown’s Women’s Society and Development Club, Georgetown University-Qatar, a partner university of QF, recently held its Fifth Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Auction event to raise money and awareness about breast cancer. The proceeds of the auction are donated to benefit the Qatar Cancer Society for patient treatment and to fund education about breast cancer.