Photography and Filming Permission Request Form

  • List of crew and their ID/Passport numbers (Kindly include the list of all crew members):

  • Please tick the places you are interested in photographing/filming:

  • Do you want to shoot inside or outside the buildings, or both?

  • Guidelines:

    1. Filming inside Qatar Foundation Headquarters, Al Jazeera Children’s Channel and Qatar Science and Technology Park will require special security access and coordination.
    2. Filming inside the university buildings, QSTP, and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel will require the requester to coordinate directly with the communication focal point in each location as well as the QF Press Office, with the final approval coming from the QF Press Office.

    Terms and Conditions:


    1. QF Press Office reserves the right to approve/decline any request.
    2. Photographing/Filming students/teachers/staff will require a written consent from them.
    3. Requester must provide accurate and full information when submitting the photography/filming request.
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  • Thank you,
    QF Press Office